RMIT, Eng Exam

2007-11-02 01:01:11 by Inkovic

RMIT application

Well after staying up for more than a full day, consuming 5 cans of Red Bull, coffee, Pepsi of the MAX and normal variety and other forms of caffeine I was finally able to complete my prerequisite kit for my Animation and Games design courses for RMIT university. Twelve A4 pictures, 20 postcard storyboards (10 for each course) and a half page double spaced application thing and it is now over. I was happy with my storyboard for animation, turned out really well and I'm considering animating it after I'm done with exams so look forward to that. My second storyboard I'm not so proud of because the punchline was weak and my skills kinda dwindled due to sleep deprivation. The A4 pictures...well some I liked and some I really wish I didn't submit.

Overall it turned out well. Yesterday I handed them in to the RMIT office in the city. Nightmare to find because I unfortunately happen to be a moron that I could miss a university across the street from the train station I got off at :S

Took me an hour of walking randomly in the city but I eventually found it.

English Exam= Fin

I finished my English exam. I was quite satisfied with my performance. I aced the language analysis, wrote a pretty good speech based on the Ronald Reagan speeches I've been listening too lately and my essay were pretty good. My first essay on the film Look Both ways (it sucked but easy to write on) was really good but my essay on 1984 wasn't as good due to the question being really ambiguous not really that important to the text.

The question was:

" Nineteen Eighty-Four shows that hatred has a more powerful effect upon people's actions than love"


I felt this question was pretty stupid as I'm reminded of that scene in Donni Darko about categorizing everything into two categories.


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