School Over

2007-10-26 04:53:19 by Inkovic

Well my Year 12 education is finally over. As of Wednesday 24th of October 2007 my days of a high school student is finished with only the peril filled exams left to encounter. During our Graduation ceremony last Friday I'm glad to announce I actually won the Media award for being the top media student in my school, something I'm most satisfied with.

Currently I have about a week or so until my first exam, English. My exam schedule is as follows:

Friday 2nd November VCE English Exam

Friday 9th November Math Methods Exam 1 (non-calculator)

Monday 12th November Math methods Exam 2 (calculator etc)

Wednesday 14th November Physics Exam

Thursday 15th November Chemistry Exam

Monday 19th November Media Exam

I'm quite happy with my schedule as I have a whole week to study for Math's and most my exams hav adequete breaks to study with exception of Physics/Chem as they are only a day apart.

However preparation for my English exam with have to be second priority at the moment as my pre-requsite kit for my application to RMIT university is due on November 2nd. I intend to finish it before that date so that I may prepare for my English exam for optimal performance.


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2007-10-26 05:10:40

lucky jack ass. im just a freshman


2007-10-26 08:50:30

do you mean by calculator that you use a calculator?

Inkovic responds:

Yes as well as a single binded book of notes. Very useful but subsequently a more difficult exam.


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